Xbox Official Site: Consoles, Games, and Community | XboxA few years ago (about the time GTA – Vice City came out) I was living with a group of friends and we all shared one console. As everyone had a different favourite game a lot of disk swapping occurred and the game taken out was not always returned carefully to its box. As a result I was unable to complete my favourite game because it took me longer than the life span of the disk to complete it I had to buy 2 more copies of the game before I was able to finish it (actually I never completed it, I just got to a level that was too difficult and got bored of going over and over again). It was at this point that i looked around for some way of backing up disks so that I didn’t have to pay three times for every disk. That is when I first discovered XBOX game copy software.

There were several XBOX game copy software products on the market at the time all claiming that they could copy games perfectly so i bought on but it didn’t work. At this point I gave up as there was no way of knowing which XBOX game copy software worked. It wasn’t until recently when another friend of mine bought a brand new product and said that it worked for him that i had another look into it again.

Firstly, I decided to find out why my other the other XBOX game copy software didn’t work when copying disks is normally pretty easy (I did it with my music Cds so i could leave them in my car and that was easy). After a bit of research I found out that game companies put a protection encryption code over the information stored on the disk. This means that you can make a copy of the bulk of the information but older XBOX game copy software programmes “missed” this special encryption. Therefore when you burn that information back to disk it will not have this code and the console will pick up on it. This means that whatever XBOX game copy software you buy must be able to break through this “unbreakable” protection.

Secondly, and following closely to the first tip, the XBOX game copy software that you buy must also be able to burn this information back to writable media. This should be pretty strait forward if the software has the ability to break the code because it means that it understands the code and can therefore write it back onto any blank disk.

Thirdly, finding XBOX game copy software you can use easily is important. If you are like me, the idea of working out how to use new software is not that appealing unless it works with step by step instructions and done almost automatically with minimum input. If the product also comes with some sort of email support than that is a huge benefit as you can have confidence that you will be able to make it work (it also adds credibility to company selling the XBOX game copy software as they wouldn’t offer this support if they didn’t have confidence that the product works)Uninformed consumers expect that every digital TV will provide a clearer and sharper picture compared to their analogue counterparts. This expectation has also extended to their favourite gaming console. While some high definition television brands and models will meet this expectation, others can disappoint gamers who are looking for that fantastic gaming experience.

Manufacturers of High definition Television (HDTV) sets provide elaborate specifications about their models as part of the advertising and promotion campaigns. However, most consumers don’t fully understand what these specifications really mean and why they are important in making their decision on which HDTV to buy for gaming purposes.

The main thing to understand is that high definition tv was designed for broadcast television viewing and not for gaming consoles. Gaming console makers are constantly adapting or redesigning their gaming consoles to match the standards set down for high definition digital broadcasting and displays. Some of the higher priced HDTV brands offer direct gaming console modes that are matched for popular gaming consoles.

This article provides a brief education on the 5 key factors to consider when looking for a HDTV for playing video games. This will assist you to make an informed decision without the confusion that surrounds gaming with the Sony Play Station 3 (PS3), Microsoft Xbox 360, or the Nintendo wii.

1. Bigger HDTV Screen Sizes Are Better For Gaming

The bigger the screen, the easier it will be to see the details in the graphics used in the games. Games appear to be more realistic with larger screens. If your HDTV screen is not large enough, then you may see a black strip at the top and bottom or sides of the picture to make the game fit within the screen. Consider HDTV screens that are greater than 24inches (60cm) in size.

Plasma HDTV screens can suffer from “image burn-in” from constantly playing the same video games. Image burn-in occurs when static images are left displayed on a plasma screen for very long periods. This is the case with some video games that don’t have a changing backgrounds. Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) HDTV screens like those used for computer monitors, do not suffer from burn-in problems.

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