The Perfect Movie Based On The Book

If you’re a fan of books turning into movies then I’m sure you still normally end up saying “the book was better” after each one because let’s face it, it normally is! Even if the ideal movie based on the book was made Dramacool, the book would still be better because nothing is better than our imagination.

But what would make a movie based on the book the best it can possibly be? What does the movie need in order to make the majority of the book’s fans happy? Well of course it’s impossible to please everyone, but I’m a firm believer that there are several things that could really make the movie much more pleasing to the book’s fans.

The first and most crucial thing the movie based on the book needs is to stick to the storyline of the book to a tee. I know this is probably impossible, but it would make a world of difference. The closer the movie sticks to the storyline from the book, the more people will will enjoy it.

Of course, if the movie employed the author as a consultant and let them have the final yay or nay for anything going on, then I believe sticking to the storyline would be a given. So this is the next crucial thing movies from books need. Let the author be a big part of the project. It is their story after all.

In addition to letting the author have a say and sticking to the storyline, I think that cramming the story into an “ideal length” movie can actually harm it. Viewers miss important pieces that are needed to better understand the characters, relationships, and the world the story is built upon. Make it as long as it needs to be in order to tell the entire story. If it ends up too long, just have an intermission.

Last, but not least, the casting is so important. The actors need to not only look like the characters were described in the book, but they need to do a good job at playing those characters as well. So instead of looking at one factor or the other, producers should treat both just as importantly. We don’t want the actors slaughtering our favorite characters, but we want them to look right as well.

With those four changes in the process of filming a movie based on a book, I believe more book lovers would enjoy seeing their beloved reads on screen and the majority of fans would be happy with the result.

Once you choose a movie for your outdoor movie event, you might think the most important decision is out of the way. Not so fast, though, because choosing the right venue is just as important as picking the movie. In order to have a successful event, the venue must be chosen with great consideration. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you consider locations for your outdoor movie event.

First, think about the land at potential venues. Is there a flat, grassy area where people can sit comfortably on blankets? Is there an opportunity for an amphitheatre style event, with a hill facing down to the screen area? Both of these types of locations will work well for a movie event.

Next, be sure the area is free of uncomfortable and potentially hazardous objects like rocks and ant hills. If you are considering an area near a lake or a pond, make sure the seating area is free of goose or duck droppings. Make note of the condition of the grass at potential venues; is the grass soft, or is it straw-like or itchy? Soft grass will be much more comfortable and inviting for guests.

After considering the landscape, turn your attention to the view at the venues you are considering. Part of what makes the outdoor movie experience special is the opportunity to see a movie in a beautiful location under the stars; make sure the view at your movie night will not disappoint. A beautiful mountain backdrop or a pretty park will add to the experience, while a view of an eye sore like garbage dumpsters can take away from the experience.

How safe is the area around the potential venue? Safety is particularly important since outdoor movies are held at night. Visit the location at night to get a feel for the level of safety, and also contact the local police station to learn about crime statistics in the area. Guests will enjoy themselves more when they feel safe.


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