The Beauty of Metal Post Caps

When building wooden fences most people turn to simple wooden post caps to finish them off. While they work just as good as other types of post caps to protect the top cut of the post from elements that can easily damage the post and cause splitting and cracking down the road, there are some more decorative and stylish options. Amazing Posting

One of the ones I love is the stainless post cap. These go really well where there are stainless steel grills and outdoor kitchens and stainless accessories. These post caps bring all the elements together and create a decorative thread throughout the yard. They also look great at any time of the day.

Another great metal post cap that I think is definitely worth looking at is the copper post caps. If you have ever traveled through Europe you will see the beautiful copper metal work that adorns many of the buildings roof tops and other filigree. After many years in the elements they have turned a wonderful array of patina colors that look spectacular. The oxidation process of getting from the metallic copper to the patina will provide you years or conversation and enjoyment. You just cannot go wrong using copper in any outside area from fences, gates, decks and lighting fixtures.

Those who love silver but don’t want the shine can always look at the pewter post caps. These are also more of an old country feel as opposed to the modern stainless sleek. Pewter has a way of softening the look and cutting the hard lines of a structure. I am always amazed at what color and form can do to cut through and erase hard and fast definitions.

And speaking of color, there are many types metal post caps from post points to combination wood and metal caps that come in assorted colors, shapes and sizes. The best way to find the one you like the most is to find the size you need, establish the price you would like to pay and go find the color that works best for your living area whether it is outside or in.

Just know there are a lot of options in post caps and finials that are not wood but can be used in wood applications. Make sure you have the correct sizes and actual measurements and get to work finding the look you love.

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