One of the most flattering boots that can be worn casual or with a “casual-Friday” business attire is the Steve Madden Bonanza Tall Shafted Flat boot. While most women look for a flattering selection of shoes without any pause to the strategy of the construction, consider why a boot fits and looks the way it does.

This particular boot is made with a flat heel and tall shaft thatBONANZAJP gives the illusion that you’re taller than you actually are. It also provides a thinning effect to the thighs making your legs look longer and slender. This is the reason the Steve Madden Bonanza boot has become so popular.

It’s also a very trendy look for 2010; the look was originally admired by Generation X who came out with the “grunge” appearance but easily transitioned to every woman’s look by pairing the boots with fitted jeans or skirts just above the knee. More recently the boots have been all the rage for the modern woman and given authority to the “skinny” look slim fitting jeans.

While the boots can be worn with casual business attire it definitely is more appropriate to wear during your weekend or off-working hours. With that said, many women have opted to wear the Steve Madden Bonanza Tall Shafted Flat boot during their travel to work because of the structure and how well you can maneuver during your quick stride.

Women know the importance of a comfortable fit while remaining warm yet stylish;

These boots have a rounded toe and are cut with greater proportions than most boots and this gives the wearer the opportunity to wear thicker socks. If you normally wear stockings every day this boot allows you to throw on socks over the stockings and still remain comfortable during your daily commute. For those 9 to 5evers you know this is crucial for everyday wear and tear on the feet.

Another plus is that they wear exceptional well meaning the foot and heel segment is not too tight and quickly molds. You know how every shoe must be broken in but still remain a bit tight and not so accommodating? The Steve Madden Bonanza Tall Shafted Flat boot has a bit wider girth making it comfortable from the first day you begin wearing them. Not saying its for a wide foot but just more room.

One of the design features that are a plus is that the split cuff at the shaft of the boot accommodates different sized legs. Whether your leg is slender or you have large calves this boot allows more room so that many women can enjoy it.

Many of today’s trendier boot manufacturers opt to make boots for a more European style and this leaves out many women who have a wider foot or larger legs. The Steve Madden Bonanza Tall Shafted Flat boot has accomplished what many women ask for these days; a boot that fits just about anyone. Comfortable, trendy and stylish and can work with many outfits.


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