Panasonic TX-L37D28BS Review: LED Performance Redefined

Panasonic proudly unveils a new LED television model that the manufacturer claims to make a true impact on your living room. It can be purchased at a price of £680 from leading online retail stores. But what difference does this model offer that most other units have not offered before?

Attractive Design

The distinctive feature amongst LED television models this day is that it must not only meet the technological qualifications of the modern user, but must also secret benefits delete account have the looks. The Panasonic TX-L37D28BS is part of the Pure Line range from Panasonic that offers a sleek design instead of merely being a black box. Now, it can serve as the focal point in your living room’s interior design.

There are three model colours to choose from, depending on your preference: silky white, satin silver, and shiny purple. You need to see the actual television unit in order to appreciate its beauty. The frames are also built with a luminescent material such that you can enjoy complete design freedom, allowing you to choose a colour that would complement the natural room lighting.

Optimum Picture Quality

The first area that consumers would look into when buying LED TVs would be the picture quality. Panasonic TX-L37D28BS offers more than an attractive design but is also built around the highest picture quality and technology.

There are several technological components that ensure you can get the maximum quality of home viewing experience, such as a dynamic contrast ratio, Intelligent Frame Creation Pro technology, and a wide viewing angle.

Dynamic Contrast

An Intelligent Scene Controller helps to enhance the high contrast technology to accurately reproduce colour, brightness, and contrast on the picture as they appear on your television screen.


All Pure Line LED TV models from Panasonic are integrated with the VIERA CAST feature that will enable users to get quick access to the internet. You can therefore easily hook up your Panasonic TV with any web services such as Skype, YouTube, Twitter, Google’s Picasa Web Albums, among other interactive online services. You can use a wireless LAN network or Ethernet cable to enjoy internet connectivity.

178-Wide Angle Viewing

This feature has become somewhat of a standard in most modern television from Panasonic today. This is possible with the advanced IPS Alpha panel and its use of 10-bit display technology. It is also a great solution for a large family or group such that you can view movies together and sit anywhere you want while still enjoying the same quality of viewing experience.

Due to its use of a 178-degree wide viewing angle, you will still get the clearest picture quality regardless of where in the room you choose to sit in.

Freeview HD Tuner

Another standard feature for most LED TVs from Panasonic is the integration of a digital built-in tuner service. You can therefore enjoy a limitless array of HD channels without paying for any subscription fee. You can choose whatever content you want, whether it be drama, soap opera, sports, or movies, you can experience all of it in full HD glory.

Versatile Connectivity Options

If you want to connect the Panasonic TX-L37D28BS with an external device, then you can simply do so with a wide range of connectivity options. The most notable option would be the VIERA LINK technology, which not only links together various devices that you want for your TV, but also enables you to control all devices using a single remote control.

Standard connectivity options are also available namely HDMI cables, SCART, PC input, S-Video, and Composite.

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