Kitty Litter – The Hottest Beauty Treatment This Spring

Women all over the world are always looking for new ways to look and feel great. It seems that every week some great new beauty product or treatment is released, but how do you know which ones are worth spending your hard earned money on? Well, one beauty treatment that is taking the world by storm right now is cheap, its easily available and you will never guess in am million years what it is.

It’s the kitty litter face mask! Thats right, I did say kitty litter, as in the stuff your cat like to go to the bathroom in. Now, that might sound gross, but kitty litter actually uses the same kind of clay that most of the expensive face mask products use. The big difference is that it comes in a bag with a picture 收陰機 of a cat on the front and it only costs pennies instead of being expensively packaged and perfumed.

The clay is basically a magnet for skin damaging free radicals. Its absorbent qualities should be obvious but when applied to your face it just sucks up the dirt, oil and bacteria leaving your skin feeling smooth, detoxified and looking great. Of course, I should point out that only all natural clay kitty litter should be used for this treatment – you definitely want to avoid some types of clumping litter which have potentially harmful chemicals in them.

So, how do you use it? Well, its really simple. Just add some litter to water and get the consistency that you want. If you prefer a warm mask then pop the mixture into the microwave for a few seconds. Pat a thin layer over your face and leave it for about 10-15 minutes. Finally wash off with some warm water and pat your face dry.

That’s it, simple, cheap and very effective. Who says that beauty treatments need to be expensive and complicated. Next time you are buying some litter for your cat, just remember to keep a little aside for yourself – its can be your little secret.


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