The fitted kitchen was developed out of necessity. Small spaces needed to have a kitchen area. Thus, the Frankfurt kitchen came into being. These kitchens began development right after World War I, when there was a housing shortage.

Housing was not easy to come by, so they had to find a cheap way to furnish each unit with a kitchen. They started putting kitchens together that had only the essential appliances. These appliances included a cooking range, a sink, and minimal storage.

These were primitive kitchens, but they did the job they were meant to do. They allowed families to prepare meals for consumption. No one complained over the missing amenities. They were just happy to have somewhere to make food for their loved ones.

Today, you find these types of kitchens in small apartments, Fitted kitchens trailers, and condominiums. And smaller ranch style houses. The cost effectiveness of this style lends itself to popularity. The style of the kitchen has obviously been modernized. The kitchens you see now are very different.

In the modern kitchen, essential appliances vary. Most units now come with a dishwasher standard. This is mostly for convenience. Microwaves and garbage disposals are often included in rental units as well. With these new staple appliances, the kitchen is more accessible than ever.

The reason fitted kitchens are so much cheaper is due to the materials used. A kitchen like this appears to be really nice, but the accents are generally made of cheaper supplies. These cost less, but are just as decorative as their more expensive counterparts.

Apartment landlords like these kitchens because it means they can charge less for rent. This is nice for new complexes. This is also true of housing rentals. Most of the time, rent is high because of the cost of installing certain elements. The kitchen is the main culprit.

If the house is being newly built, some homeowners will want to save money there too. Buying just essential appliances can do that for them. Having them be a part of the overall design makes it possible. This is also a good way to see how they can make the most of a small space.

The next time you see a standard fitted kitchen, think about where it started, and how. It may just change your perspecti

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