Just recently, I did some research about online gambling. The same theme kept coming up over and over again. I won’t list any statistics as I believe many statistics can be incorrect if they are not cited from a properly conducted study.


However, I did learn the following:


1.Online gambling is illegal in America. It is operated by offshore casinos that move between locations. These casinos are located in remote areas and are often operating illegally.


  1. These offshore casinos do not hold any accountability for  메이저사이트 the fact that people move from one location to another. Unsuspecting internet users around the globe can play these games without any legal restrictions. These unscrupulous casinos have lost millions of dollars.


  1. Online gambling addiction is on the rise every year. The number of people who play in online casinos is increasing each year. Online gambling addiction can also be a problem for underage gamblers. This is not good news for their future as it’s much more difficult to end an addiction when one starts so young.


  1. Online gambling is addictive and highly accessible. Gamblers have access to online gambling 24 hours per day because they can play casino games from their computers. This scenario has serious implications.

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