It’s difficult to believe that there are a variety of fryers that are available to commercial kitchens. They’re not as single as you believe. For any purpose you can imagine, there’s one specific fryer Anvil has designed to fit the purpose. The fryer selection is vast, and includes specialized fryers to meet the needs of every catering need. In this post, I’d like to examine the various varieties of fryers in their Anvil range.

It is the Anvil Deep Fat Fryer. Deep fat fryers come with two choices: a single pan and a double-pan. The choice you choose will be based on the amount of use. The single pan option lets you to fry up 4kg of chips in an hour , while an option with a double-pan, which cooks 8kg of chips in one hour. It is a cost-effective device because of its size and quick deep frying time. They also come with security features. It’s thermostatically controlled to cut off at the temperature of 206 degrees Celsius to avoid oil splashing. The tank’s slipway handles that allow the tank to be removed without difficulty and in a safe manner.

Anvil’s Frozen Chip Fryer. The fryer was created  Ninja DT201 Vs DT251 air fryer through Anvil and McCain to produce perfect chips using frozen chips. It is possible to add frozen chips straight into the fryer and within three minutes, you’ll be able to enjoy crisp and delicious chips. The speedy cooking process also helps to prevent oil from saturating, making it perfect for mindful customers.

The Anvil Doughnut Friyer. This is an ideal device for coffee shops, bakeries and cafes since it can make koeksisters and doughnuts, and vetkoek in an hour or so. The fryers come with a tilting unit for cleaning, and a drip tray that can be removed to make it easy to drain. The doughnut fryer is also equipped with an automatic shut-off switch to stop oil splashing.

The anvil fish fryer. This is a fast deep fat fryer, which is perfect for seafood restaurants. It’s designed to produce more crisp and delicious seafood and fish with minimal effort. It is also able to fry chips and chicken.

Anvil Spaza Fryer Anvil Spaza Fryer. It is a robust stand-alone unit that is perfect for smaller catering companies and can fry as large as 10kg in one hour. This durable and economical fryer is equipped with a 9 litre oil capacity, one integrated splashback and basket hanger capability and an inbuilt valve for quick emptying oil. The new model comes with a safety thermostat that can be resettable to protect the excessive heating of the oil.

Anvil offers a selection of specially designed fryers specifically designed for restaurants and commercial kitchens. The products are made with safety and reliability in mind. You are assured to receive a top quality product.


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