Agel is a network marketing company created in 2004 by Glen Jensen, a network marketer for over 10 years. In an attempt to join the network marketing health juice craze Glen Jensen created another juice formula and began to recruit network marketers throughout the world.

When someone decides to join a network marketing company it is imperative to set a goal for a monthly income, and what it will take to achieve that monthly goal. Personally I set my goal at $50,000/month and then find the product and a company to join that will allow me to earn my goal of $50,000 a month. Let’s take a look at Agel’s Compensation Plan and see if they allow me to have the potential to earn $50,000 or even $10,000 dollars a month.

Glen Jensen and Craig Bradley, the creators of Agel, have implemented a compensation plan known as the Quadra-Plan. Agel’s compensation plan known as Quadra Plan is mixture of elements of other company’s compensation plans, except with a unique and confusing twist.

Agel’s products are sold to you, the reseller and marketer for Agel, and in return you make a profit off of each product sold. The profit off of the lower priced product of $75 is a $30 commission. This is only a monthly supply and it is strongly advised to purchase the ‘executive kit’ which can range from $450-$600 a month and is meant for reselling or giving to potential customers and clients. Each executive kit sold deems the affiliate $200. library resource sharing Now of course since the company is formed in an MLM formation so that profits are passed up to your sponsor and their sponsor. Thus allowing for a few dollars from each kit sold to benefit those above you as well.

Now let’s observe what it would take to hit my bare minimum monthly goal when joining a network marketing company. The beautiful five figure monthly figure of $10,000, not my ultimate goal of $50,000 (this just isn’t possible in Agel what so ever, their cap payout a month is $25,000). In order to achieve a $10,000 month it will be necessary to have over 330 active monthly renewals of their lowest supplement. If you are attempting to build your network business and have people join in at the ‘executive level’ then you will need to sell 50 executive level introduction kits. The five figure goal just seems like a pipe dream for anyone wanting to achieve huge financial success selling the Agel products!

That really is a lot of juice to sell, a lot of marketing, and a lot of resources to achieve that level of success through Agel. As stated above I’m looking for earning potential when joining a network marketing company. A company that has a proven track record with actual success stories! I want to have access to informational resources, marketing guides, and information to actually succeed.

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